• I hereby authorize and consent to the performance of acupuncture procedures and herbal medicine in the treatment of my pet by Bayou City Veterinary Hospital. I understand that Acupuncture is considered an alternative medical therapy. I understand that Acupuncture will be used in conjunction with conventional medical therapy to provide the most comprehensive treatment plan for my pet. I understand that my pet's treatment may consist of needles only or needles with electrical stimulation. I accept that for the comfort and relaxation of my pet, other procedures such as nail trims, blood draws, vaccinations, ear cleanings and/or other irritating procedures should be scheduled via separate appointments.

    I understand that most conditions where acupuncture is likely to help require a minimum of 3-5 initial sessions and thereafter, treatments may need to be continued over time. I understand that, as in all types of medicine, the response to therapy varies with each patient. I understand that positive effects may not be immediate and are often not noted for 3 days following a session. I also understand that if after 5 sessions no improvement was seen, acupuncture may be deemed an ineffective treatment option for the condition affecting my pet.

    I have been informed that it is recommended for my referring veterinarian supply any radiographs relating to my pet's condition to this practice before the first appointment. If this has not been done or the films are not sufficient to rule in or rule out various causes of my pet's condition, BCVH will discuss the cost and need for such radiographs prior to discussing a treatment plan. This is essential to help rule out problems such as cancer or infection that could have different treatment options.

    I understand that these Acupuncture techniques are regarded as generally being safe without many side effects. However, some of the side effects that can occur include (but not limited to) bruising at the sight of needle insertion, mild bleeding at the sight of needle insertion, breaking of a needle, and mild tingling at the site of needle insertion. In addition, it is not unusual that a patient may be more lethargic and quiet following an Acupuncture session.

    I certify that I have read and fully understand all the above terms regarding treatment of my pet. I also certify that I have the authority to execute this consent.

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